Ansah Co. is a Ghanaian/Canadian family-run business based out of Victoria BC. We offer a variety of homegoods and accessories that are handmade in Ghana, or that are made using traditional Ghanian textiles.

Most famous for our beautiful handwoven baskets, we work directly with artisans in Bolgatanga, Ghana, to create woven patterns and colours we know you will love! This partnership not only ensures quality, but also makes sure the individual who makes each basket receives a fair and living wage.


Ansah Co. was started as a way for our family to stay connected while spread across two continents, and to showcase the incredible craftsmanship of Bolgatanga makers. Our co-founder Acheampong was born and raised in Techiman, not too far from where all Ansah Co. baskets are made. He moved to Accra, the capital of Ghana, to go to university and lived there until making his way to Canada in 2022. He now lives in North Saanich with his wife Marina and daughter Emme. You can catch him at the shop some weekends and he also manages communications and shipping with our team in Bolga!

Our co-founder Marina first went to Ghana when she was 19, and kept going back. She met Acheampong in 2017 while studying at the University of Ghana, and in 2020 they were married. Marina can be found at the shop (sometimes with Emme in tow), and is the one who keeps our inventory in check! She is also working on her Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling and is the un-official carpenter of the bunch.

Rhyanna is Marina’s sister and the 3rd co-founder of Ansah Co. She has a background in business and design, and became part of Ansah Co. for the opportunity to work alongside her sister and brother-in-law, and to fulfill her dream of running her own shop - not to mention fill her home with beautiful baskets! A single-mama, Rhyanna juggles Ansah Co., her 9-5, and spending time with her active 5 year old, Maude.

You’ll recognize Maude & Emme from a lot of Ansah Co. 's content (our smallest size market and u-shaped baskets are named after them!) or from helping out at markets.They love being a part of everything we do, and getting the chance to meet our great customers!