Ansah Co. is a Ghanaian/Canadian business based out of Victoria BC. All our products are handmade in Bolgatanga (Bolga), a village in Northern Ghana located near the hometown of one of our founders, Acheampong.

We believe in a system where all artisans are paid fairly for their work! The maker of each Ansah Co. basket receives a fair & living wage for each item they make. Our team member in Bolga works directly with the artisans to create colours and patterns we know you will love! This partnership not only ensures quality, but also makes sure the individual who makes each basket is paid directly and fairly.


Acheampong is a Ghanaian artist born and raised in the Brong-Ahafo region of Ghana - not far from where all Ansah Co. baskets are made. He met Marina while she was completing a semester abroad at the University of Ghana, studying for her Bachelor Degree in International Development. The two of them have been together ever since, with Marina travelling back and forth between Ghana and British Columbia for several years. On one of her visits home to BC, Marina brought back a small basket for her niece, Maude, and from that the idea for Ansah Co. (and the Maude basket!) was born.

Since then, Ansah Co. has slowly grown to be a full fledged small family business, with Marina, Acheampong, and Maude's mum Rhyanna, running it together.

Marina and Acheampong now live in Victoria BC with their one year old daughter Emmerepa. Rhyanna also lives in Victoria with her five year old daughter, Maude, and two cats. A lover of design and beautiful things, she has a background in design as well as business.