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Ansah Co.

Kids Sun Hat

Kids Sun Hat

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Each Ansah Co. hat is handwoven with Kinkahe straw (also known as Elephant Grass) by talented weavers in Bolgatanga, a northern region of Ghana. Made using techniques that have been perfected over generations, our hats are beautiful and durable.

Our hats are ethically sourced and made. Ansah Co. strongly believes in a system where all are paid fairly; we work directly with artisans in Bolgatanga to ensure they receive a fair and living wage.

Due to the handmade nature of this product, each one is unique.

Head circumference: 50.25 cm
Brim: 5 cm

Care tips:
Very easy to clean, stains can be removed with a simple wipe with a wet cloth.
You may come across exposed ends on your hat, this is completely normal, simply trim them with a pair of scissors.
This hat is made of grass and can be flammable, do not leave near exposed flame or heat sources.

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